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ETAG, the Eurotunnel Foundation Shareholders' Action Group, was established to protect members' travel rights.

These are now vested in Le Shuttle Club, which was inaugurated on 1st November 2010.

Those who held the necessary qualifying shares from issue to that date are required to join the club in order to take advantage of their travel rights.

Last email circular to ETAG members 26th June 2013

NB: Do let both ETAG & Le Shuttle Club know if you change your contact details


Le Shuttle Club

Invitation to pay 2015 annual registration fee 
It is advisable to do this in advance of making a booking, but you only have to pay the registration fee for years in which you wish to travel

Booking page
Scroll down to 'Login' and enter your Le Shuttle Club No, which is the same as your ex shareholder no. – shown on your shareholder card between the inverted triangles, a nine digit number usually starting with 998 ... ... , then continue with your booking

Deed Poll
Executed by The Channel Tunnel Group Ltd, the Eurotunnel subsidiary which holds the Governments’ concession for the tunnel,  to secure the Foundation Shareholders’ travel rights for the remainder of its term to 2086

Based on the terms incorporated in the offer for sale of the Foundation Shareholders’ original shares, adapted as necessary

Membership application form
For those Foundation Shareholders who have not yet joined Le Shuttle Club, which is a prerequisite of utilising their travel rights – joining is free;  joint shareholders may both join, although only one can pay the registration fee in any one calendar year

Various ways of making contact with the Le Shuttle Club and Eurotunnel 

ETAG is directed by a Steering Committee consisting of:

Michael Stainer FCA – Member of former TNU Shareholder Consultative Committee
Paul Fox FCA – Member of former TNU Shareholder Consultative Committee
Michael Spencer QC – Crown Office Chambers, expert in Group litigation
John Webley  FCA – a former Morgan Stanley Managing Director
Russell Ford FCA – former partner in Deloitte Haskins & Sells 

History of Eurotunnel & ETAG

History - Eurotunnel

History - ETAG

ETAG Contacts


Address: The Grand The Leas Folkestone CT20 2XL

Telephone: +44 (0)1 303 222 200 (we much prefer to communicate by email)

It is important to advise ETAG of any change in your contact details.

As members receive periodic emails from our manually maintained database, please
 click here to advise of any new email address so that we may update our manually maintained records, with the email heading, ‘Change of email address’; for cross checking purposes, please also give your old email, and your name and address. We will acknowledge all advices received when actioned.

Please click here to advise us of a change of your address, with the email heading ‘Change of address’; again, for cross checking purposes, please also give your old address. All alterations to ETAG’s records will be confirmed by email.

And do not forget to advise Le Shuttle Club - see section above under 'Contacts'

ETAG Membership

Most members joined immediately after Eurotunnel announced, in March 2007, that it was to abolish the Foundation Shareholders' travel rights.

The requested Defence Fund contribution was


About 1250 Unitholders joined ETAG, their first payments having produced over £140,000, of which about £37,000 remains in the kitty. It has therefore not been necessary hitherto to call for the second installment. In addition, members' available insurance cover amounts to a sum well into seven figures.

Fortunately no immediate threat to our travel rights is presently percieved, but ETAG keeps an eagle eye on developments and emails members periodically with the latest news. If you wish to receive these and be part of ETAG's continuing action to safeguard the travel rights, we are pleased to accept new members paying the first of the two payments originally proposed.

Please click here for ETAG's Defence Fund Contribution Form to download, and return it with your cheque or credit card details, and also please confirm your are joining ETAG by Email with the subject - Confirmation of Defence Fund Contribution.
All subscriptions are gratefully acknowledged.



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Report on ETAG Lunch 22nd June 2013.
Arrangements for Lunch 22nd June 2013

Reception & Lunch 16th November 2010

Informal ETAG reception at 
The Grand Folkestone 14th July 2007



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