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Employment Award


April 2014

Employment Award for Robert Richardson of The Grand, Folkestone

Kentish Express/Kentish Express Esther McVey Visit 13.02.14

Letter from Deputy Leader of Shepway District Counsil

The Grand was privileged to support the “Department for Work & Pensions” / Job centre Plus by sharing some of our successes in the area of recruitment with them in two short promotional adverts:




Folkestone Herald 18th April 2013


Written commendation from Shepway District Council to the General Manager of The Grand, Robert Richardson. Fantastic start to the week for the team here

Written commendation from Shepway District Council

Folkestone Herald 7th March 2013

Folkestone Town Center Management Ltd

Success as The Grand supports the Governments Work Experience Scheme

Over the last 18 months The Grand has worked closely with the Job Centre in Folkestone to support the government's work experience programme in a scheme that allows the people of Folkestone the opportunity to not just find employment within one of the leading private businesses in the area but to join a billion pound worldwide industry that offers training, qualifications and advancement in properties within every country on the globe.

Persons joining the scheme are given their first experience of the working environment (that is the real interview process, working job descriptions and the realities of joining a profession) and the real potential for securing a job with a real salary and real prospects and a nationally recognized training and qualification scheme. We truly believe in the development of people at The Grand and this initiative allows us to take it just a step further.

As trend setters in this scheme we have been fortunate enough to not only have had exposure in a national newspaper over the last month but to have the Department for Work & Pensions use us as a case study on their website. The link can be found here:

People wishing to join this employment scheme should either contact Anne Murphy at the Folkestone Job Centre Plus or Robert Richardson at The Grand.

The Institute of Hospitality has also kindly helped to highlight our efforts to support this scheme in its weekly Twitter feed:

Inst. of Hospitality @IoH_Online
GM Robert Richardson, FIH, explains how his hotel & staff benefit from the govt’s#WorkExperience on #BusinessLink:


For more information please contact:
Robert Richardson
General Manager
The Grand

(01303) 222 205


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Folkestone Express/Folkestone Express 4 November 2014

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Damian Collins on 13.02.14

Folkestone Express 5th February 2014 _Damian Collins

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Folkestone Express 5th February 2014 _Sheila French

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Kentish Express Esther McVey Visit 13.02.14


Press Release- development at The Grand Nov 14

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